ICT Club

Create Your Own Digitial Art

Make a Collage - A chance to make a collage without getting covered in glue!

Harmony Art - make beautiful, relaxing pictures

Picasso Head - create a portrait in the style of Picasso

Bomomo - cool abstract art


Anneka's Odyssey  - Help Anneka save her teddy bear by guiding her through the woods and up the mountain!

Kaleidoscope Reef - Save the fish after an oil spill.

Huntsville - become a detective and help solve the crime by spotting clues.

Lure of the Labyrinth - a maths adventure game.


Get Creative

Comic Maker - Have some fun making your own comic strip

Minimizer - make yourself into a Lego figure

Build your Wild Self - turn yourself into a mythical creature

DoppleMe - make a cute cartoon character

Voki - design a character and make it speak!